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Donation List:

A list of donors and donation amount. Only showing at most 4 donations

Donation Popup:

A popup reading "Suzy donated $15 to The Trevor Project"

Included Components

NameDescriptionCrop LeftCrop RightCrop TopCrop Bottom
Donation ListLists the last four (4) donations, including donor name and amount015100820
Donation PopupShows incoming donations for 3 seconds. Shows donor name, amount, and charity142008800

The popup intentionally has space left at the bottom. This is in case someone’s name is long enough to cause the text to wrap.

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Implementation Notes

We have the ability to add notification noises when someone donates. We currently have this disabled, but if the community wants we can enable it easily (with a range of noises to choose from). If we decide to enable this, those that wish to disable the functionality can do so easily within OBS.

We also have the ability to set a minimum donation in order to have their names displayed in either the popup or donation list. This is currently set to $5 to avoid potential donation-trolls that will submit money to add negative/fake names.

For the popup, we could add a sticker or GIF from Giphy to play alongside each donation popup. We currently do not have this enabled, as we felt streamers may have different aesthetics and selecting any one image to play may cause detrimental to that.

We’re also unable to change the donation text that reads “{{name}} donated to {{charity}}“.