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Components Preview

Progress Bar:

A progress bar showing the donation goal and current amount, without text

Dynamic Text:

Text reading "Amount raised: $300"

Included Components

NameDescriptionCrop LeftCrop RightCrop TopCrop Bottom
Progress BarText on left is amount donated. Amount on right is goal. Suggested to manually add OBS text above each to distinguish011200950
Dynamic TextDisplays amount raised. Updated live147509750

Learn how to use this chart with our docs page


The progress bar component is one of the few that uses colors other than greyscale. As such, if your brand doesn’t use the default blue color, you can change it by following our docs page

Implementation Notes

We would love to have default text for amount of money fundraised and goal for the progress component. Unfortunately, we cannot due to limitations with Tiltify.

The reason for the extra space in the “Dynamic text” component is to support large donation amounts raised. Make sure to leave that space when you add to your overlay!