Introduction Tiltify Campaign Milestones

Campaign Milestones

A fundraising milestone can be added to mark a subgoal of the total campaign progress. These can be used to mark significant amounts of progress on the fundraiser.

A list of milestones in the Tiltify dashboard.

Adding a Milestone

Each milestone has the following options:

  • a short name that will appear in the milestone list
  • an amount that should be reached for it to be satisfied.
The milestone configuration page.

To ask for a milestone to be added to the campaign, send a message to the #streamers channel in Discord with the above information.


The closest milestone will be shown on the donation page in the information sidebar.

The closest milestone shown on the donation page.

Listed next to the “Next Milestone”, viewers can check to “View all milestones” to see all the milestones listed.

A list of milestones in the campaign overview.