Introduction Tiltify Donor Rewards

Donor Rewards

Donor Rewards can be added to provide viewers incentives to donate to the campaign. You can think of these as Twitch point reward redemptions that utilize charity donations to activate.

For a way to do something similar to community pooled channel point rewards Twitch provides using charity donations, see our page on targets.

A list of rewards. One rewards reads "Do a dance" with a $5 amount, unlimited quantities, but not active

Adding a Reward

Each reward has the following options:

  • A name for the reward
  • The amount it will cost donors to recieve
  • Description of what the reward will give
  • Quantity of times a donor can redeem the reward - will be unable to redeem after this number (optional)
  • Start and end date of redemption being abled
  • Image to show as reward preview (600px x 600px)
Reward options screen

You’re also able to allow viewers to input text (similar to how you can do so with Twitch point rewards) by providing a question.

Asking "What kind of dance should I do?" with the user answering "The Carlson"

While one of the listed options is “Shipping”, we will not be enabling this for our project due to complexities involving shipping, keeping streamers accountable, and more.

To ask for a reward to be added to the campaign, send a message to the #streamers channel in Discord with the above information.

Community Note

Since we will have multiple streamers, we will need to distinguish the different rewards to distinguish “community wide” rewards and “streamer wide” rewards. To do this, we will likely have (global) or (streamer {{channel name}}) appended (or prepended) to the name of the reward


Each reward is listed in the donation page and can be selected by the user.

The donation page with reward option listed.