Introduction Tiltify Event Targets

Event Targets

Campaign Targets are similar to community channel point pools on Twitch. You’re able to use them as a way to introduce a type of reward that the whole community can work towards (instead of a single individual).

Like Twitch community rewards, these have a timer associated with them and can be time restricted to a specific point of time (or date) to end.

For a way to do something similar to the individual channel point rewards Twitch provides using charity donations, see our page on rewards.

A list of targets. One target reads 'Let's try to reach this!' with a $1000 amount

Adding a Target

Each target has the following options:

  • Name of the reward
  • Amount the reward will cost before triggering
  • Ending date/time to stop listening for goals
Target options screen

To ask for a target to be added to the campaign, send a message to the #streamers channel in Discord with the above information.

Community Note

Since we will have multiple streamers, we will need to distinguish the different targets to distinguish “community wide” targets and “streamer wide” targets. To do this, we will likely have (global) or (streamer {{channel name}}) appended (or prepended) to the name of the reward


Each target is listed in the donation page and can be selected by the user.

The donation page with target option listed.